A new(ish) love.

Ok so shh… don’t tell my husband but I’m in love.  It’s costly and takes up all of my time… but oh… it’s so beautiful how could I not be.  I am, of course talking about crochet.  Ahh… that little hook and a ball of yarn.  The things that it can do!

The very wobbly beginnings!

The very wobbly beginnings!

I got into this in about April or just after and the odd thing is that it was for no real reason.  I’ve been asked a lot by friends since then what made me start… and I don’t know.  I tell people that its because I’ve always wanted to be able to do something like that, and it looked easier to pick up than knitting.  But to be honest, I ran into the yarn shop and bought a hook and yarn for no reason whatsoever other than i just wanted to.  I felt like it.  It was a whim.  But what a whim.

The first completed project from the wonderful Attic24

The first completed project from the wonderful Attic24

I love it. I do. And yes I’ve started projects that I’ll never finish, and I’ve finished projects that I don’t really like, but I can’t explain the pride I feel when I do finish something.  I want to run up to everyone I see shouting “I MADE THAT! ME!”  Every time I use something that I’ve made I secretly am desperate for people to ask where I got it just so I can tell them that actually I didn’t buy it, I made it and then look very smug as the compliments come rolling in.  This is not the best side of my personality and I know that, but do you know what, I’m fine with that.  I love it when people like the stuff I make and even if they don’t I’ll bug J until he tells me he does.

A giraffe from a pattern by I Love Buttons By Emma.

A giraffe from a pattern by I Love Buttons By Emma.

The only problem is the yarn.  I was happy with the cheap stuff when I started.  I didn’t care as I wasn’t very good, but now I want the best.  Not for everything, I’m not stupid.  I’m not going to make a baby blanket that’s going to get vomited on out of silk cashmere mix, but I love the feel of expensive wool as it runs between my fingers whilst I crochet.  J loves it a bit less… especially the price.  And yes, he’s very appreciative of his cashmere, silk and merino wool scarf, but he just wishes that I could walk past a wool shop (specifically Pack Lane Wool) without having to remortgage the house.  I figure though that I don’t drink and apart from chocolate I don’t spend a massive amount of money so the odd splurge on wool won’t kill me.  Now excuse me, I have to go and hide my latest wool purchase somewhere before he comes home.  Honest?  No, but it will make the marriage last longer!

Latest finished project, a mobile for my friend's new born based on patterns from Bunny Mummy and The Green Dragonfly

Latest finished project, a mobile for my friend’s new born based on patterns from Bunny Mummy and The Green Dragonfly

This is genius!

Craft Schmaft

Egg hat tutorialI love a quick Easter project and this is one that you can make for decoration, gifts or as an activity with your kids. It’s perfect for odd little baby socks and if you’d like to adorn a larger egg, just use a larger sock


  • 1 x baby sock (size for approx. 12 month)
  • Yarn (1-2 metres/yards, I used 8ply)
  • Matching cotton thread


  • Needle
  • Small fork
  • Scissorsegghat_materials


  1. Take your sock and turn it inside out. Cut from above the ankle band to the curve of the sock as shown.egghat_cut_stitch
  2.  Stitch a seam, by hand or machine, straight down the cut area. Snip the top of the point off.egghat_stitched
  3. Turn the sock the right way out, creating a point at the top of your little hat.hat_done
  4. Cut a piece of yarn approx. 20cm/8in long and set aside (this will be used to tie up your pom pom).Take your…

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So on Sunday we had the nightmare of a trip to the hospital and being told that G had to be admitted for the night as he needed IV antibiotics. There was about 9 hours between arriving at the out of hours GP and finally being able to put G down to sleep on the ward. In that time some of the things we had to deal with included the fact that of the 3 attempts to get a canula in him, none were successful, the room we spent most of the time waiting in was filled with things that our very inquisitive 16month old shouldn’t be playing with, and the only place we could put him to sleep in whilst waiting was a hospital trolley. And despite all of this, not once did I not feel grateful for the NHS.

I read an article the other day which talked about the days before the NHS, when parents had to make choices over which of their children would get treated as they couldn’t afford to get the doctor for them all. I had no capacity on Sunday to worry about anything other than G and I can’t imagine the hell of having to consider money when dealing with your child’s health. There is literally no price I wouldn’t pay for G to stay healthy so I’m immensely grateful that I don’t pay at all.

I think its too easy in this country to take free healthcare for all for granted, and its been a part of our culture for so long that people seem to attack it for no other reason than they can’t imagine it ever won’t be there. I’ve had to use the NHS a lot in my life and I can’t imagine the crippling burden of paying for all the treatment I’ve had on my kidneys over the years. Yes the doctors and nurses on Sunday were stretched, and yes we had to wait around for them a lot, but for me, its a small price to pay for friendly people who were trying to make sure my son was ok.

What comes next…

So, I start the blog, I write the introductory one… and then what… what do I write next?  I follow the blog of a lovely lady who has a book which she follows in order to force her to write.  A good idea, but I don’t have a book.  It’s not that I don’t have opinions, I have them coming out of my ears, on breast feeding, on weaning, on nappies, on my work, on my life, on families and perfect weekends and holidays and snow and politics and shoes and and and…  but I can’t figure out what comes next.  Everything seems a bit pointless when it’s written down and no one’s bloody reading anyway so is it worth it?  The writing? And the worrying about the writing?  And writing the drafts in my head?  But then that raises the question of who I’m writing it for?  The people out there who may or may not follow and read this at somepoint, or me?  A good question but one that I can’t answer at the moment.

I can tell you why I’m writing today though, that questions easy.  It’s because tomorrow at 11am I have an observed lesson.  And although I have a vague idea what I’m going to do for it, I haven’t yet planned it, or found the resources, or written the flipchart for the interactive white board.  So that is why I’m writing this, because if I sit here, in my empty office, in the empty school at some point the panic will start to rise and I’ll feel my heart start to race at the sheer amount of STUFF that I have to do for tomorrow.  Then, and only then, I’ll be able to rattle off a lesson plan.

This has been the eternal problem in my life, I wait and wait and wait until all the spare time has been used, and the non spare time, and all that remains is the panic.  It tries to take me over so that I spend some of the precious seconds that I have left to finish something just frozen in fear.  But I quash it down and type frantically for the next few minutes, then check the clock again and reaise no, no there hasn’t been a mistake, I really do have no time left to finish.  It’s the reason I worked as an LSA for 2 years rather than one, (I left it so late that time that I missed the deadline entirely), it’s the reason that I repeated my second year at uni (well that, the death of a parent and a lot of alcohol), and it’s the reason that I can type as damn quick as I can!

So this is why I type this now, I have 90 minutes until I have to leave to pick up my son, and I need about 2 hours at minimum to plan and resource an all singing all dancing lesson for tomorrow.  But the panics not strong enough to get me to work yet… so I’m off for a poo.  That oughta kill some more time.

Why decide to do this?

So, why have I decided to god a blog? Good question.  I don’t really know is the honest answer. Probably for the same reason that I periodically write a diary, though to be fair I don’t usually put that online for people to read.

A lot of people I know on Facebook have done a 365 photo thing where they take a photo everyday to document their year. Much as the idea of that does appeal to me slightly, I’m also realistic about the likelihood of me actually remembering to take photos everyday… I’m not going to! So this is an option that is a bit more realistic. I don’t need to write something every day, Christ, knowing me it won’t even be every month, but it will be a snapshot into my life at the moment.

So what is my life at the moment? I’m married, I’ve got a 15 month old son who started walking about a month ago and therefore never stops unless he’s asleep, I’ve just gone down to working in a school 3 days a week (which has its good and bad points) and I live with my husband and son in a little market town (much quainter than it seems) about an hour from London.

It remains to be seen how often I’ll actually write anything, or indeed this turns out to be my first and last post, but the rough plan is to write fairly regularly about my year and the crap that happens.

So say we all.